Additional Workplace Skills

Project Management 101: Basic Skills for Success

Are you leading a project without having any formal project management training? Have you led or been on a project team that you knew could have gone smoother?  Is anticipating leading a project making you nervous? If so, consider this one-day workshop on key aspects of successful project management. In this hands-on workshop, we will identify and practice skills and tools you can use on your next project including: identifying the competencies of an effective project manager; focusing on reducing the chances of project failure; determining scope and related activities; expanding and narrowing ideas and solutions; anticipating and estimating time and project costs; and communicating and motivating project team members. (Note: this is a basic project management program and does not lead to a PMP certification.)

Approaching Conflict At Work: It’s More than “My Way or the Highway”

Conflicts at work happen for a variety of reasons. Let’s complete the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict mode instrument to help determine your preferred method for dealing with conflict. You’ll then identify the various causes of conflict and practice five strategies for dealing with workplace conflict.

Understanding the Mystery Of You: Your MBTI

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used psychological instrument in the world.  MBTI helps individuals understand their preferred style for taking in information and making decisions. Interested participants will complete the MBTI prior to the workshop.  Together we will then review the purpose of the MBTI, examine the preferences, identify your preferred style, and increase your awareness of how different styles affect workplace issues such as conflict, team building, communication, and goal setting.

Knock, Knock: Tapping The Creativity in You and Others

Creative problem solving and innovation are at the cornerstone of successful individuals and organizations. In this workshop, you will identify the benefits and barriers to creativity, practice tools to tap your creativity, understand how to foster an environment that supports creativity, learn to maximize the creative capacity of others, and steps to present creative ideas.

Change Is Here To Stay: Managing the Transitions

Change is unsettling for some, constant for others, and everywhere for most of us. Change can bring growth, new ideas, and energy. By learning to welcome change and manage the transitions, you will become more skillful, satisfied, and less stressed. During this workshop, you will discuss the changes you are experiencing, learn the truth versus the myth about change, review four stages of change, and determine how you and others can get the most out of change.

Overworked And Overwhelmed? How To Be More Effective and Satisfied

Do you find yourself rushing to do it all, only to find yourself drained and dissatisfied? Do you feel tied to your calendar? Does your To Do list get longer and longer? In this workshop, we will focus on practical and rewarding techniques to help you be more efficient AND satisfied.  We’ll discuss common time wasters and stressors in your life (telephones, paperwork, email, procrastination, perfectionism) and discover strategies for more effective self-management.

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