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NEUROSCIENCE – The Art and Science of Leadership: Neuroscience at Work

Nancy & Princy

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The field of neuroscience is opening up new possibilities to explore and apply to the challenges of engaging employees and achieving results.  In this engaging workshop, you’ll interact with two leaders from the neuroscience and talent development fields. Together, we’ll create a bridge between neuroscience and the art of leadership.  This workshop will enable you to:

  • Increase your knowledge and recognition of basic brain structures and processes including neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change.
  • Identify the benefits of having a growth mindset as a leader.
  • Recognize how emotions impact your leadership.
  • Experiment with and reflect on your brain’s ability to:
    • Increase focus
    • Manage stress
    • Navigate change
    • Increase resiliency in the face of challenges

You will develop a realistic plan for implementing strategies to maximize brain functions for yourself and for your employees and identify additional resources to stimulate further study and understanding.

Project Management 101: Basic Skills for Success

Are you leading a project without having any formal project management training? Have you led or been on a project team that you knew could have gone smoother?  Is anticipating leading a project making you nervous? If so, consider this one-day workshop on key aspects of successful project management. In this hands-on workshop, we will identify and practice skills and tools you can use on your next project including: identifying the competencies of an effective project manager; focusing on reducing the chances of project failure; determining scope and related activities; expanding and narrowing ideas and solutions; anticipating and estimating time and project costs; and communicating and motivating project team members. (Note: this is a basic project management program and does not lead to a PMP certification.)

Today’s Manager: Magician or Conductor?

Today’s managers have to wear many hats. Juggling the multiple and often changing responsibilities of being a manager can be challenging and rewarding. In this workshop, we discuss the characteristics of effective and ineffective managers, and practice using management skills for various workplace situations.

Coaching For Success: The Power of Feedback

Giving feedback to others feels risky. Yet giving quality feedback is an important skill for improving efficiencies, motivating others, and building relationships. In this workshop, you will identify the value of coaching, and practice a coaching model for positive feedback and feedback for improvement.

We Have To Stop Meeting Like This: How To Facilitate More Productive Meetings

Who hasn’t been to an unproductive meeting? Yet meetings can be an effective way to share information, solve problems, generate new ideas, develop new products and services, and build relationships. During the workshop, you will learn how to implement successful meetings, what it takes to create a powerful agenda, how to be a successful facilitator, and how to maximize the involvement of participants.

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